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"We find greatest joy, not in getting, but expressing what we are. Men do not really live for honors or for pay; their gladness is not in the taking and holding, but in the doing, the striving, the building, the living. It is a higher joy to teach than to be taught. It is good to get justice, but better to do it; fun to have things, but more to make them. The happy man is he who lives the life of love, not for the honors it may bring, but for the life itself.” R. J. Baughan

  • Darby Ask
  • A passion for creativity with a personal touch.

Client List & Publications

  • Big Sky Journal HOME, Bozeman, MT
  • Montana Outlaw, Bozeman, MT
  • Magic City Magazine, Billings, MT
  • The Week, International Media
  • Blue Ribboon Builders, Big Sky, MT
  • Sotheby's Realty, Big Sky, MT
  • Reid Smith Architects, Bozeman, MT
  • Axis Architecture, Livingston, MT
  • Hulteng Inc., Billings, MT
  • Vinton Construction, Billings, MT
  • Montana Clearwater Properties, Monarch, MT
  • NEFF of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • The Ellison Group, Chicago, IL
  • Berkshire Hathaway, Wilmette, IL
  • Coldwell Banker, Chicago, IL